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 Pulp & Cir-cum-stance

Definition of Pulp & Circumstance

1 : pulp: paper, also : sensational writing

2 : circumstance: formalities and ceremonial

3 : play on pomp & circumstance: a splendid celebration with ceremony and fuss

4 : boutique celebrating frill, magnificence and splendor

5 : modern paper, art, and home accessories with great brightness and luster


Our name reflects our approach, a gift boutique carrying items worthy of a celebration. Located in a Victorian house, within the heart of the Oregon Wine Country, our shop is surrounded by natural splendor. We strive to bring that glow inside with a bright and welcoming space. It is our goal to provide customers with great service and “fuss” when they shop online or visit us at our shop in downtown Newberg. 

The Art in our shop online and offline is curated by the ART Elements Gallery in downtown Newberg, Oregon. 




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